Nice Boots

Vivo Barefoot "Boxing Boot" from Pie Footwear

Check out these boots! Legit minimalist construction in a shockingly good looking package. This is important because I walk a lot to get places, and don’t want to walk into a bar looking like I just came from an REI catalogue shoot. They look super cute with rolled up skinny jeans and take all my outfits up a notch – I hadn’t even realized how lukewarm my style had become just by wearing trail shoes with my city clothes all the time. These boots are so much better.

They’re made by Vivo Barefoot, a European company that also does a lot to be sustainable, and happens to be owned by a member of the Clarks family. The fit is even roomier than the Merrells I live in, although they don’t hug your feet as nicely. There is a thin foam insole that’s removable; with the insole they were a little thicker than the Merrells, and without it they were incredibly thin, more than the Merrells. Brand-new the boots are comfy but a little stiff, though I think they will soften up with time, and I only noticed it after a long walk.

I found them at Pie Footwear on Alberta, which carries a bunch of various “barefoot” shoes, both casual and athletic, including a pretty good range by Vivo Barefoot, in women’s and men’s styles – casual sneakers, Mary Janes, trail shoes – all on the same ultra thin sole. Hopefully more people will find out about them and we’ll start seeing fewer people wearing toe shoes out to dinner.

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2 thoughts on “Nice Boots

  1. sarah says:

    nice! I’m thinking this might be what I need to make my life complete. my old canvas boots are destroying my feet.

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