How To Make A Cold Suck Less

I know when your body feels injured it’s supposed to be good to do active recovery, but between a new job that puts me on my feet all day and having a tenacious cold, working out has been the last thing on my mind. The most exercise I’ve gotten is bike commuting (which is fun, and something I’d stopped doing for awhile) and running up and down the stairs to the stock room.

Getting a cold is something I dread because not only does it mess with my workouts, but I tend to get a nasty, hacking cough for a long time that keeps me from sleeping and stresses me out. Last year a couple of back-to-back colds culminated in walking pneumonia, doctors, antibiotics, yuck. It wasn’t fun being sick for a month, but I did learn a couple of good lessons.

First, if you’re still sick after a couple weeks, don’t assume it will go away, go to the doctor. Even if it was just a cold, it can get in your lungs and turn into something serious. Secondly, take Mucinex DM to help with a cough. It’s an over-the-counter combination cough suppressant and expectorant, which seems contradictory, but basically it helps loosen the gunk in your lungs so you can get it out, while suppressing the hacking dry coughs that don’t do anything. You still cough a little but it’s more productive. It’s important to get the mucus out so you don’t get a lung infection, and it’s important to control a hacking cough so you can sleep to give your body a chance to repair itself. I took Mucinex after my course of antibiotics when there was still a lingering cough, and I’ve taken it during subsequent colds when they get to the coughing point. It totally helps. I get less stressed out about getting sick if I know it probably won’t end up being a huge, lasting ordeal.

Other things that help with a cold are eating lots of oranges (I’m not sure if they help you get better but they taste good and are refreshing and full of water), doing short/easy runs, Theraflu, and reading trashy magazines/the internet. Drinking less is supposed to help too but honestly, I’ve hardly had any alcohol for a month and I feel like crap anyway. So go ahead and order a second Brooklyn.

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One thought on “How To Make A Cold Suck Less

  1. devin says:

    quick plug for my fav cold drug; if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it, hit the Sudafed (the real stuff, aka pseudoephedrine). don’t even waste your time with the PE crap, it does nothing. sam just chimed with something about a neti pot, but i’m pretending i didn’t hear that.

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